These are the member’s rules and all those participating in Zaafi Arts’ projects and shows, are required to abide them. Most of them are sheer common sense and good manners, so please don’t be put off them. It has simply proven wise to put them in writing. These rules are simply intended to make sure that participation in the group is safe, pleasant, and rewarding for all, cast, techs ; and ensures the continuation and evolution of the group with a good reputation among the public.

  • No member or attendee is to be made unwelcomed based on their religion, gender, race, etc…
  • Membership is opened to all those aged 18 and above. We do not usually accept members aged below 18 and would only do so with the attendance of a parent or legal guardian at all rehearsals, workshops and performances within Accra.
  • Zaafiarts is not responsiblefor actorsand members means of transportation to rehearsals and performances within Acrra.
  • After a rehearsal or show, please return the layout of the reheasal room/performance space/ dressing room to its original state, and make sure that crisp paackets,papers, and any other rubbish is binned, and that any borrowed item is returned.
  • Please treat all members of the public and any other performers at an event courteously at all times ; if there is a problem, please calmy approach the stage/house manager and report your case.
    (Remember that shows are being performed to a paying public, and that the show, and your conduct at the shows and at rehearsals is not only advertising the Zaafi Arts, and affecting our ability to perform in the future, but it is also affecting your own professionalism and reputation)
  • If a member is found the House, to be bringing Zaafi Arts into disrepute, in any manner whatsoever, their conduct or actions withinor outside the group, they may be required to immediately leave the group.
    Any action or conduct which may be illegal, harassing, a risk to members, or infringe upon our copyright, will be reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Members conduct and behaviour Attendance – prompt arrival at agreed times for rehearsals or shows is required (or ifyou are late or unable to attend, please phone, email or text ahead to let the rest of the cast know, each time !). Repeated failure to observe this rule, or excessive regular absence (at the discretion of the House but normally around 50%) can result in your role being re-cast.
  • Please note that, theatre in its very nature, is a Team effort ; and that everyone else is relying on theirs- Teamwork is a must. This basically means being pleasant, respecting their time, work and efforts.
  • No interruptions and corrections are to be done during rehearsals actors except the Director.
    Observations and suggestions are to be noted down in written form and presented during end of rehearsaldiscussions or at the director’s request.
  • A) Actors are supposed to be on the alert for standing in for another upon demand ; as such, all must be attentive during rehearsals even when not playing or on stage/set.
    B) Also, if a member agrees to do a particular task, then please carry it out.
    Please, show respect for other people at all times. By this, we will not permit any harassment, belittling, speaking rudely, unwanted romantic advances, obscene or explicit language, or bringing another person, the group, or yourself into disrepute in any manner.
    If you have a difference of opinion with someone else, please attempt to discuss it civilly with them.
  • Unless specifically mentioned in a contract (mainly with Projects contracted to the Zaafiarts outsiders/ our Major Productions funded), normally our regular productions payments can be determined and done after the particular Show.