ZAAFIARTS PRODUCTION in partnership with the WRITERS PROJECT GHANA (WPG) worked on its first major public production titled “THROUGH A FILM DARKLY.” This is a 1970 published classic play first titles as “VISITORS FROM THE PAST.” By the renowned Ghanaian author Joseph Coleman De graft.

This is a very powerful play that tells the story of young educated and even well esposed modern Ghanaians living in Ghana with subjects and themes (racism, prejudice, marriage, love, etc.) Relevant to our present society.

THROUGH A FILM DARKLY also plays on audience’s mind with regards to critiquing on our theatrical plays; as to what might be good play and what might not

With our main aim of reviving the classics and promoting real theatre in Ghana, this play could not have been any better.

It was staged on the 9th of June 2017 at KING OF KINGS HALL – CHRIST THE KING SCHOOL