The following are the objectives of Zaafi Arts Production:

  • Revive theatre plays such as the classical and experimental plays of renowned local and foreign playwrights’ whiles also featuring contemporary works. Such revival of Ghanaian theatre will energize the industry and create employment for graduates in theatre arts and related fields.
  • Provide Quality Theatrical Shows and/or stage performances that meet the different preferences of selected audience.
  • Film productions as stage sitcoms to be aired on television and premiered as stage cinema shows.
  • Honour Ghanaian-African Writers from all walks of life through staging of their works.
  • Make Theatrical Works Easily Accessible to many, especially in the educational sector
  • Create jobs: we look to creating lasting job opportunities for youth in Ghana and beyond who have the passion and talents for art.
  • Educate: we look to harvesting and nurturing talents through our seasonal workshops and training we will hold from time to time across countries of operation.