• Theatrical/ Stage Shows: Zaafiarts produces theatre/ stage shows mainly classic plays with the aim of promoting and growing the knowledge of literature right in our schools and society. For instance, having to identify a major problem in literature appreciation amongst students even in Senior Cycle Schools. ZaafiArts, with the belief that Drama is an effective tool for learning, have partnered and in collaboration with WRITERS PROJECT OF GHANA (WPG) and HAMALISA (ENT. Nigeria) embarking on school outreach programs dubbed “DA SCHOOL PROJECT” where we go to stage play performances for them based on their selected literature materials and books.


  • Theatre on Air: Zaafiarts again with the sole aim of making some positive social impact and shaping lives through our performance arts, in partnership with Jibril Mailafia (the multiple award winning young Nigerian film maker) are working towards the airing of television and radio theatre shows and stories both for adults and children. Then film project, and with the first one titled “GROUF POTO,” an experimental work is already gaining recognitions as it’s been nominated the Silicon Valley African Film Festival in California, and now also Lake International PANAFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL (LIPFF) Kenya.


  • Creative arts workshops [(right from Basic School levels through to Tertiary Institutions and TFD(Theatre for development)]: zaafiarts intends on taking theatre to towns, villages, hotels, Hospitals, Churches, and even Prisons besides the schools and recognized Art Centers. By that, we have for example organized some school training programs, workshops, and performances in both the cities and some villages in Ghana and also collaborated with some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in some towns like Bronikrom in the western part of Ghana to educate, inform and raise awareness.

ZAAFI Arts produces:

  • Theatricals/Stage Shows (Dance, Drama and Music)
  • Theatre On Air (Film/Animation and Radio)
  • Holds creative arts workshops in Schools and Theatre for Development (TFD) events in communities and towns (especially in rural areas)

Zaafi Arts believes in partnerships, hence we sometimes partner or collaborate with other theatre practitioners, Non-Governmental organizations and filmmakers.