ZAAFI BLACK ARTS AND HOME (ZAAFI ARTS) is a theatre Production House that produces and stages theatrical works (Drama, Poetry, Music, and Dance) and organize workshops on Theatre for Development (TFD) across Ghana and other African countries.

MISSION: Creating job opportunities and addressing social issues with solutions through theatre and performing arts in Ghana (Schools, Rural Communities, Suburbs, and Towns).

VISION: promote and practice the performance of arts and theatre in Ghana, and be accepted to be valuable and taken as a profession.

We achieve this through the staging of drama, experimental theatre productions, while telling the Africa story to the modern African.


The group started as a small performance Arts House made up of twenty students from the University Of Education Winneba (UEW) who reached out to Senior High Schools across the country (Ghana) with play productions based on their selected literature materials or books.

The reason was to make some impact in the society we found ourselves in promoting Theatre Arts and Drama as we also challenged ourselves as well with everything we had studied. From there arose the question of where we will find ourselves after our studies at the University.

In response to that, Rita Richardson the founder formed and managed the group which was first called ArtPrints Edutainment in 2013, and was able to have it registered in 2015 and actively was able to kick off more professionally in 2016.